I feel like dying. I just wanna die. I want everything to stop. I want my worrying and anger to stop. I want people to stop talking. I want people to start listening.

I wish people knew that I wanna say something but can only say it after some nudging.
I want all these things and I know it can’t happen. But I know that most of these things can happen if I just die.
At the moment, I can only think of things that will be better when I die. What’s going to get worse? Everyone has one less person to worry about. One less burden on them. My mom won’t have to worry about my college tuition and my dad will stop paying for it. My grandparents won’t have to accommodate and feed me. My friends have one less person they need to catch up with. Anto won’t have to worry about me attempting to crawl back to him. One less face on the planet won’t make a difference. So what’s the point? What’s the point of living?

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